Official passport and visa photos

No pre reservation needed

Passport and visa photos are being taken all the time. You don’t need to reserve time beforehand. After the passport photo is taken, we will send it directly to Finnish police’s permission photo database, and you will get an identification code to your cell phone. All in all it will take only five minutes for you. If you need visa photos or other printed photos, we can make them for you also. Check visa prizing in the bottom of page.

Office hours MON-THU 10-17, FRI 12-17

Finnish Passport photos


  • Electronic Finnish passport photo directly to police’s permission photo database

Passport photos PLUS


All inclusive package

  • Electronic Finnish passport photo directly to police’s permission photo database
  • 6pc printed photos for other official applications
  • Official photo to you e-mail

Passport and visa photos without time reservation. Valokuvaamo KLIK is open MON-THU 10-17, FRI 12-17. Welcome!


Studio is located in the center of Tampere, near police station:

Valokuvaamo KLIK, Suvantokatu 13, 33100 Tampere.
Tampere’s police station is only few minutes walk away from our studio. There are parking slots in both sides of the road in front of our studio.


Frequently asked questions:

How to apply passport?

  1. Visit our studio and have a photo of yourself – you will immediately receive a photo identification code to your cell phone
  2. Do passport application here >> TAI  reserve time for police here >>

Does a baby need passport photo?

Yes. Even newborn babies need passport photos. If baby can hold her head by herself, passport photo can be taken same way as adults. Otherwise please call: 0400 297 808, and we will reserve a time for special photoshoot (35€) for you baby, so that she can lay on a flat surface.

Passport photo prize list

Passport photo (electronic version) 14,90
Passport photo (6pc printed version) 20,-
Passport photo PLUS (electronic, 6cp printed and photo to you e-mail)
Visa photos (if different size than Finnish standard) (printed version or email) 25,-
Less than 3 month baby photo (passport or visa) 35,-
Kuvalliset henkilö- ja kulkukortit

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